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Short Action RTG*

Redesigned Trigger Guard 

Our trigger guards were designed out of necessity.  There are other great detachable magazine systems out there but we felt there was a need for something better.  Our RTG will not snag on your clothing accidentally while on a hunt or on the range in the middle of a competition.  

Don't be fooled by copy cats or lesser products.  We use only the highest grade 7075 T6 aluminum to make our trigger guards.  Anyone who says "aircraft-grade aluminum" is pulling the wool over your eyes hoping that you don't know any better.  There are multiple grades of aircraft-grade aluminum.   Anything less than 7075 does not belong on a trigger guard. 

For Remington 700 and Clones

M5 inlet

Each RTG comes with pillars and screws.

3.1 oz

Magazine not included.