Gen 1 Micro Bastard*

Thread Size

Our MB should never be underestimated.  While it may appear small in size this brake doesn't know it's small.  We use this brake exclusively on our Critter Get'r rifles chambered up to a 338 Ultra mag with great success.  There simply isn't another brake of this size on the market today that will outperform this brake.

All of the Gen 1 require installation by a competent gunsmith.  By properly fitting this brake you can achieve a perfect seamless fit on your rifle as well as perfect coaxial bore alignment.  Please see the video for further information.

The diameter is .750" and the entire diameter cannot be turned down. The back end will be tapered to meet the barrel diameter. Overall length is 1.8".

 1.6 oz

This brake is pilot bored to around .250". It will need to be bored by a gunsmith for the desired caliber.