Gen 1 Little Bastard*

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The LB is the little brother of the FB.  We needed a smaller platform for rifles that couldn't handle a large brake. The LB can be turned down to .850" diameter to blend completely as if it were an integral part of the barrel on a non-magnum cartridge.  Magnum cartridges should not be turned down.  The brake should be left 1.0" in diameter and chamfered on the end to blend into the barrel.

All of the Gen 1 require installation by a competent gunsmith.  By properly fitting this brake you can achieve a perfect seamless fit on your rifle as well as perfect coaxial bore alignment. Please see the video for further information.

The LB is a perfect fit for barrels .750 -1" inches in diameter at the muzzle. This brake is 1'' in diameter and the entire diameter should not be turned down less than .850" on non-magnum calibers. The back end will be tapered to meet the barrel diameter. The overall length is 2.225" 

 3.9 oz

This brake is pilot bored to .250". It will need to be bored by a gunsmith for the desired caliber.