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Custom 7mm SAUM

This custom build was put together to comfortably reach out to that 1000 yard marker and beyond without big recoil. We chose an intermediate length action with a detachable magazine so you can seat those bullets out where they should be and still feed like a dream. Though tactical competition is where the heart of this beast lies, it makes for a great long-range hunter as well. Please call or email to purchase.


•Cartridge: 7mm SAUM


•¼’’ Accuracy: Confirmed


•Action: Defiance Deviant-Tactical XM length


•Barrel: Broughton MTU 1-9 .284 5C Match Grade


•Stock: McMillan A5 Sand Ambush, Flush Cups X2 LHS, and X2 Bottom, Bipod stud.


•Brake: APA Gen 3 Fat Bastard


•Bedding: APA Pillar Bedding


•Bottom Metal: APA XM RTG.


•Magazine: APA Intermediate Length


•Finish: Cerakote Desert Sand


•Trigger: Jewell set at 2.0 lb


•Weight: 13.45 lb