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The Malleus hunting rifle was designed to be a no-frills, no gimmick, hunting tool. This rifle doesn’t care about your carbon fiber bling, your color schemes, what camo you’re wearing, or what fads you’re into. It’s not a 5 lb. rifle that you need for that Albino Ibex hunt in the high alps of Narnia that you’ll never go on. It’s not going to be more accurate if your underwear is made from Merino wool. This is a precision tool that will be the one and only rifle you’ll need. The Malleus is a classic rifle with only the necessary modern appointments. It’s reliable, balanced, shootable, and likely to be the most accurate hunting rifle you will ever own.”



Cartridge - 300 PRC


Action - APA Malleus


Barrel - Proof Medium Sporter


Stock - McMillan Game Hunter OD Green


Brake - APA Gen 2 Micro Bastard


Bottom Metal - APA RTG


Bedding - APA pillar bedding with titanium crossbar


Magazine - Accuracy International


Trigger - Trigger Tech set at 3 LB


Rifle Weight - 7-8 LB


Price - $4175


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