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APA Limited Edition Pint Sized Game Changer Bag*


Bigger is better right? Actually, through research and development, we discovered that more mass equals more stability when paired with a pliable textile such as our exclusive waxed canvas. We have created the newest tool for your precision toolkit that requires less bulk and volume to achieve those game-changing results that you expect. This is not just a scaled-down version of Reasor Precision’s iconic shooting bag, rather the perfect blend of size and weight with new innovative fill technology extensively tested to deliver more hits on target. Ideal for rifles with the balance point somewhere between the magazine well and bipod for use as the patent-pending “Grasping Front Support” utility or used at the buttstock for a versatile rear bag to go from 1 inch to over 6 inches of vertical adjustment for any situation. We weren’t sure that we could apply any more science to shooting bags, but we combined our superior geometry with advancements in micro fills to deliver a new solution for adventure competitors, hunters, and marksmen that want to do more with less. Why do we call it the “Pint-sized Gamechanger”? Well, you know we like beer - so grab a pint and cheers to setting new standards for precision!

Approximate dimensions, depending on fill: 7” L x 4.5” W x 5” T  & 6Lbs