Cone of Shame Nut

Muzzle Brake Size
Thread Diameter

The APA limited-edition Blast Deflection Nut or as we endearingly call it, “The Cone of Shame”, is a simple replacement timing nut for your Gen 3 or new model Gen 2 Fat Bastard or Little Bastard muzzle brake. This nut utilizes a specially developed geometry designed to counteract the blast flow from the Bastard port. The initial gas flow that has already generated the directional force to reduce recoil is redirected, creating a gaseous shield reducing sound waves and percussive energy. This dramatically reduces the concussion to the shooter. If you love the recoil reduction of the APA line of Bastard brakes but can do without the concussion directed back towards the shooter, this limited-edition product is what you have been looking for.


The Blast Deflection Nut It is cut from 416 stainless steel and is machined here in house, in Jefferson GA, along with all our other products.


How To:

 If your APA Gen 3 or new model Gen 2 Fat Bastard or Little Bastard is already installed, start by removing the entire unit. Remove the standard timing nut from the brake body. Make sure the threads on the brake body are clean and clear of all debris. Now thread the Blast Deflection Nut onto the brake body until it is seated all the way up against the brake as normal. Then, simply thread the entire unit all the way back on the threaded muzzle of the rifle. From here, you will time the body up as per usual with the side ports at 9 and 3 o’clock and lock down the timing nut. At this point you are ready to go have some fun and be safe.

Note: This is a limited edition product and is only made for the 5/8x24 thread option of our muzzle brakes.