APA Bolt Knob*


Our bolt knob is an upgrade for the Remington standard style knob. With so many different styles of "tactical" knobs out there how do you know which one is best for you? Only you can ultimately determine that. Rather than try to reinvent the wheel we simply made 9 different prototypes and lined them up against current designs. 80% of the individuals that were a part of this evaluation chose the current design. This knob gives you better leverage on the bolt handle but is still small enough to fit into the pocket between your index finger and thumb. Its primary purpose is to allow the shooter to run a bolt faster without creating too large of a signature on the side of the rifle. 

We offer two styles of our bolt knob.  

The first style, (REM 700) is either to be installed on a Remington 700 bolt after machining. We offer this service here at APA. It can also be installed on any standard 5/16x24 standard threaded bolt handle.  When installed, our bolt knob adds additional leverage to the bolt handle

The second option is designed to slide over the Defiance bolt handle just slightly creating a clean look.  This reduces the signature on the side of the gun and allows you to manipulate the bolt much faster.

Threads are 5/16x24 t.p.i.