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A.P.R. in .308

Our All-Purpose Rifle is exactly what it says.  This rifle is at home on the range or in the woods.  It's only main purpose is being flexible.  Many people desire a multipurpose rifle for no other reason than these things are expensive and they only want to purchase one rifle.  This is our answer.  "Beware of the man with one rifle."


•Cartridge: 308


•1/4” Accuracy: Confirmed


•Action: APA Genesis SA


•Barrel: Broughton #5.8 24: 1-11 5C Match Grade


•Stock: McMillan HTG GAP Carbon Ambush, Flush Cups X2 LHS, Bipod Stud


•Brake: APA Gen 3 Little Bastard


•Bedding: APA pillar bedding


•Bottom metal: APA short action RTG


•Magazine: AI AW 10 round


•Trigger: Bix N’ Andy Tac-Sport set at 2.5 lb


•Weight: 10.45