Customer supplied parts builds are $1375. This service includes all barrel work (thread & chamber, muzzle thread, APA precision crown),  bedding with pillars, Cerakote, function testing, 2 page QC inspection sheet and test firing. Rifles will be complete in 30 days. (turn-around times subject to change. E-mail for current ETC) If the action needs truing, there will be an additional charge.

Build Services
We only supply parts on complete APA rifles. We do offer build services on ‘customer supplied parts builds’ however we do not procure parts for customers.
If you have any questions or are interested in our gunsmithing services, please contact us using the form below the list of services. We look forward to working with you!

General Price List

  • General disassembly/assembly of customer’s rifle $45
  • On a complete build the assembly charge is $175 which is a general term but includes general assembly, loctite where applicable, all screws properly torqued, scope mounting, and 2 page QC inspection.
  • Action Truing $300
  • Stainless steel match grade Hawk Hill barrel $395 (lead time varies on custom orders)
  • Barrel installation (thread and chamber ) $425
  • Thread muzzle for muzzle brake, thread cap, silencer, etc.. $170
  • SureFire or APA muzzle Gen 1 brake install $200 (not including brake)
  • Custom knurled thread cap (stainless steel) (requires customer barrel for fitting) $75
  • Trigger job on factory Rem 700 trigger $75
  • Bedding with pillars $350
  • Bedding HS stock or similar (stock with aluminum block) $250
  • Bedding job AICS chassis $250
  • APA bolt knob installation for Remington 700 $95(not including bolt-knob)


Finishing/Coating Price List

Coating: We mainly use Cerakote but have other coatings available upon request

  • Barreled action $250
  • Trigger guard $65
  • Rings $65
  • Base $25
  • Coat stock single color with texture $250
  • Coat optic solid color $300
  • Other items POR