The FR1 Magnetized Mount DCH is a toolless data card holder that attaches securely to the Hawk Hill Custom RMD and quickly to the FR1 base in one of four locations according to the shooter's preference and is completely ambidextrous. The Hawk Hill Custom "RMD" or Rifle Mounted Data-Holder, also known as a D.O.P.E. holder, is designed to revolutionize target data management. Our flexible design with multi-axis rotations allows target data and information to be easily viewed without changing shooting positions. The RMD's rugged construction will hold up to the demands of competition shooting as well as the toughest hunting, field, and combat conditions. The Kydex panel easily folds away when not in use to prevent injury or snagging. The 6.75 LB pull force Neodymium Magnet allows the entire unit to mount and dismount securely and quickly with no tools.