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The FR-1 Magnetized Cant Detection Level or FR-1 CDL attaches magnetically to the FR-1 mount base in one of four locations according to the shooter's preference, allowing the user to confirm that the system is level before the shot is taken. The CDL is completely ambidextrous. When not in use, the CDL can be stored in the stowaway compartment in the fire control mount. The CDL is machined out of 6061 T6 aluminum Mil Spec Type III anodized Teflon impregnated.

Weight is .5 oz

 Usage: Designed and engineered with function in mind, the CDL allows the fastest assembly/disassembly on the market. With the combination of precision machined clearance and a 6.75 LB pull force Neodymium magnet, the CDL attaches securely and dismounts easily and quickly.