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Jered, I want to thank you for taking a 'box of parts' with parts from FOUR different rifles and turning them into an APA Custom rifle. I expected nothing more than a 'parts rifle' when the build was complete. Instead I received a signature APA custom rifle that consistently shoots sub-moa. Your work is flawless, as always, and as expected. Thank you Sir. - Jim B. FL Rifle specs; Rem 700 SA .308 with APA Bolt knob (taken off of another rifle), Rem 700 PSS barrel cut to 22" threaded 5/8x24TPI with APA thread protector and Brake (taken off another rifle), Manners T1 stock with Badger Ordnance DBM (taken off another rifle), Rem 700 Trigger adjusted to 2.5lbs of pull, Leupold 4.5-14x40, M1, Custom Shop, Mil-Dot in Badger Ordnance .823 rings (taken off another rifle).
—Jim B. FL

Consistency achieves accuracy. Attention to detail achieves consistency. Jered has the rare ability to combine both world class craftsmanship and unrivaled attention to detail. There are few that have the talent... Even fewer that have the almost counterproductive level of attention to detail that we're all looking for... And even fewer who are passionate enough to deliver EXACTLY what you want... every time. In my line of work I choose from the best of the best… I choose APA.
—Capt. Keith Bell, U.S. Army Sniper School

Here's my Oregon elk I harvested. APA APR .308 w/ S&B 3-12x50 165gr Nosler AccuBond. Thanks for making such a great dependable and accurate rifle. You can't see it but it rides in the back of my pickup (sometimes) and my polaris UTV, not a safe queen by any means.
—Ryan Palmer

Best tac-knob on the market. It fits perfectly in your hand and really completes the tactical look of the rifle.
—Nate Trusty