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The most effective muzzle brakes on the market just got better!  The Gen II muzzle brakes were designed with one goal in mind.  We wanted to bring our recoil reduction to those customers out there with currently threaded barrels.  These brakes make life much simpler.  There are no crush washers, flat washers, or Loctite required. Simply you and a crescent wrench.  These brakes need to be ordered caliber specific unless your gunsmith wants to open it up himself.  If so please specify "gunsmith model" during caliber selection.  It will come in the white with a .250" hole if so.

The Gen II Micro Bastard was designed with the 3 gun community in mind but will work on any rifle that has a barrel from .575 to .750 in diameter.


Custom Calibers available upon request.

Stainless steel available upon request without Black Nitride finish 


Stainless Steel with Black Nitride finish
1.9 oz
1.8" long
1/2x28 TPI and new 9/16x24 available

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