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This rifle has been long over due!  We’ve discussed releasing something like it for quite some but never really had the balls to do it.  Well here it is!  We obviously spared no expense on this rifle.
It was designed  for the harsh environment that our Military and Police personnel deal with on a daily basis.  Not only that but it boasts a 1/4 MOA guarantee with factory match grade ammunition.
We encourage you to watch our destruction video series.  It should pretty much speak for itself.
  • APA Genesis tactical action designed to allow the use of AW magazines
  • Can use AI or AW mags
  • APA 30 MOA alloy rail with six 8-40 weaver style screws and two 1/8″ pins
  • Side bolt release
  • Action includes spiral fluted bolt & mini-16 extractor
  • Broughton 1-11 twist 22” #6  5C stainless steel match grade barrel on 308 Win’s
  • Broughton 1-8 twist 20″ #5.75  5C stainless steel match grade barrel on 223 Rem’s
  • Manners composite TF1 folding stock
  • Bedded with pillars
  • Two side flush cups
  • APA tactical bi-pod stud
  • 13.5 LOP with Decelerator pad
  • Huber trigger 2 stage trigger Standard weight will be 2.5 lbs.
  • Cerakote coating
  • APA RTG trigger guard + 1 Accuracy International AW 10 round magazine
  • Options and upgrades:
  • Optional APA UNS mount (coming soon)
  • Cut and contour barrel for Surfire suppressor $200
  • Thread barrel for standard suppressor mount $125
  • Custom knurled thread cap $75
  • APA Gen II Little Bastard  muzzle brake  $155
  • APA Atlas bipod rail installed $150

Rifle Accuracy Guarantee

This rifle carry’s a ¼ MOA guarantee with match grade ammunition.

Each rifle will be broken in by us and shipped with 3 certification targets.



Rifle not available online. Please call to place your order.

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Meatstick in 300 WM
Please click in the hunting rifle section to review the specs for this rifle.
Little Jimmy muzzle brake installed
10.5 lbs.
please call 706-367-8881 for purchase information

This product has sold out.

2 A.P.R.’s in 308  SOLD
We added both our Gen II Little Bastard brake and a thread cap so the user would have the ultimate in available options.
Please view the rifle in our tactical rifle section for the standard features.
9.5 lbs.
Muzzle threaded 5/8×24 2A spec.
Please call 706-367-8881 for purchase information

This product has sold out.